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From ideation to final realisation, we try and walk new paths finding inspiration and unconventional approaches to create your dream brand.

If you are a madspark client, you appreciate the uniqueness and creativity that goes into each design. Your love attention to details. Details make you happy. Pixel perfect finesse and emotion-inducing brand communication bring sparkle to your eyes.

We think & function beyond traditional trappings of an ‘Agency’ approach, and prefer to work as an extended marketing team for your business.

We execute to deliver. We bring a new spark to your business – a madspark.


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01. Talk

We start by having a conversation with you to understand your vision. We ask you right questions and interpret your responses to create guidelines which help us create your brand’s digital journey.

02. Think

We seek inspiration, have multiple internal brainstorming sessions and think from user’s perspective to ideate the tonality which will best suit your brand.

03. Design

We work our magic to breathe life into ideas. Our designers are artists who put their heart and soul to passionately forge spectacular designs which ultimately become beautiful digital experiences.

04. Discuss

We discuss ideas with you, seek your opinion about our work and explore what all we can do to add a spark to the brand. We love receiving feedback. After all, the idea is to do what’s best for the brand image.

05. Iterate

The deliverables go through iterations till the time the soul of any communication in the name of your brand is in absolute resonance with brand persona.

06. Accelerate

Once everything is set, we hit the gas pedal to begin our journey to destination ‘brand growth’. We constantly learn, unlearn, relearn, experiment, assess and innovate to ensure this journey is fun forever.

Let’s work together.

We’ll be waiting to meet you. The coffee is on us.

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